Marty Nothstein: The Growing Importance Of Technology In Cycling

If you’re a cyclist or just follow the sport, then you know that technology is playing an increasingly large role in cycling. Today’s cyclists have access to more information than ever before about their performance on the road or trail. For that, Marty Nothstein will explain the growing importance of technology in cycling sport.

Cycling Apparel

In addition to biking equipment, cycling apparel has become more advanced as well. The garments worn by cyclists include wicking fabrics that draw moisture away from the skin and help you stay dry. These are ideal for hot days or those long rides where you sweat a lot.

Other than that, technologically advanced apparel for cyclists includes breathable fabrics that allow air to flow through them easily so that you don’t get too hot while riding in warm weather conditions (or at high altitudes).

Marty Nothstein Lastly, you got the reflective materials on jerseys and shorts to help drivers see cyclists at night or early morning hours when it’s hard for them to see anything else except other cars on the road. This can be especially helpful on roads with few streetlights to ensure safe cycling.

GPS Systems

GPS systems have become increasingly popular in cycling, with many different models on the market today. They use satellites to triangulate the location of a rider’s bike, then provide them with information about how fast they’re going, what direction they’re going in, where they’ve been before, and where they’ll be going next.

In addition to providing valuable information about the journey itself, these biking devices also allow riders who are interested in mapping out their rides beforehand access to an array of tools like preloaded maps or customized routes.

Heart Rate Monitors And Power Meters

Heart rate monitors and power meters are two types of technology that cyclists use to improve their performance. Heart rate monitors help you measure your heart rate during exercise, while power meters provide information about how much force you’re putting into each pedal stroke and can help you increase your efficiency by teaching you how to pedal at the right cadence.